• Innovative and Effective Solutions

Cool and heat therapy are widely used for their therapeutic benefits, which include pain relief and decreased inflammation. Extensive research confirms its ability to treat injuries and accelerate recovery by lowering pain thresholds and increasing nerve conduction velocity.
Despite their potential, these therapies are not always recommended by medical professionals. The disparity between scientific evidence and clinical practice limits patients’ access to this safe and noninvasive treatment. We provide potential equipment advancements and advocate for standardized therapy to maximize therapy’s benefits.

We use the concept of ‘bootstrapping’ as our primary strategy, which is the process of creating something larger and more significant from a careful, purposeful small effort.

There is a growing awareness of therapeutic benefits, and we are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to help people recover from setbacks and live their lives to the fullest.

  • Product Development and Customization

We believe in sustainability as we have the ability to maintain and support this process continuously over time. Customization is one unique method that we provide to ensure that our products are carefully designed and perfectly contoured to the body to provide targeted relief and comfort while ensuring that the recovery process is easy and comfortable.

  • Project Management

Our patient-centric and value-based design and execution approach enables us to identify real needs from the ground up and deliver outcomes-improving solutions. The PurHeart team creates constructive designs and manages healthcare framework projects while providing world-class hospital services in areas with complex challenges and a lack of core resources.

Our strategic project management mechanism includes impact and implementation analysis, project deployment and placements, as well as impact monitoring and evaluation.

  • Training and Maintenance

Heat and cool therapy can be used in postoperative and pain management to reduce analgesic and inflammatory responses. However, due to a lack of knowledge, expertise, and associated health conflicts, the applicability of these therapies is limited, necessitating an alignment of their benefits with literature.

We offer product demonstrations to assist the healthcare team and their patients understand the role of cool/hot therapy in pain relief , as well as the methods for applying it to their bodies.

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